These AI-generated Dukes Nukem never asked to be born


I have to be honest here, AI art bots like DALL-E (opens in new tab) scare the hell out of me, our overly sanguine tech mavericks once again announcing, “Man creating a thinking machine in his own image is rad as hell, actually!” These little man-made horrors beyond our comprehension have given us one unambiguous gift, however: some utterly sublime shitposts.

Case in point: this series of AI-generated Dukes Nukem from the mind of 3D artist @donhonk (opens in new tab) on Twitter and the thrumming, unthinking creation engine that is Midjourney. Inspired by the tireless Dukeposting of Twitter fixture, @KinoFabino (opens in new tab) and the recent leak of the 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever (opens in new tab), donhonk set about producing some really messed up Dukes.

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