Video Game Book Club (23) | What the Golf? Review, Discussion, Podcast


Welcome to Video Game Book Club Episode 23 (Monthly VGBC). This time around we are taking a look at What the Golf? The game was developed and published by Triband and was originally released on September 19, 2019 for the Apple Arcade.

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—–Time Stamps—–
00:00 | Introduction
01:18 | Describe the game in one sentence.
06:50 | What platform did you play on? Describe your playstyle/approach
24:07 | What is one thing you liked about the game?
45:56 | What is one thing you did not like, and how would you improve it?
1:12:54 | Final Verdict and Rating
1:53:40 | Conclusion

—–Full VGBC Playlist—–


—–What is VGBC (Video Game Book Club)?—–

VGBC is a fun little side project that I decided to do with my friends and cousins to explore different games, game genres, and help assist in going through our ever-expanding backlog of games.

There are two iterations of Video Game Book Club.

Monthly VGBCs (We record these at the end of each month)
Each month represents a different game genre – these game genres are randomly selected. Based on that game genre, we then nominate and vote on what game we would like to play for that month. At the end of the month, we then get together and discuss/review that game we just played.

Side Project VGBCs
The format is the same as the standard Monthly VGBCs, BUT these games are typically going to be games that we want to personally play outside of the Monthly VGBCs. There aren’t any specific rules when it comes to these.

—–What are the rules of VGBC?—–
There are actually many rules we have in place behind the scenes, but the basic ones come down to this.

1. It must be a game we have not played/beat before.
2. The game must fall under that month’s genre/theme.
3. The game must be 20 hours or less in length.
4. The game’s price must be $25 dollars or less upon the time of purchase.
5. The game needs to have some type of finite ending. Beginning, middle, and end.
6. All games selected must go through the nomination and voting process within the group to win.
7. It must be an accessible platform by everyone participating – typically it will be a game on Xbox Game Pass.

—–VGBC 2022 Schedule—–
January | Music/Rhythm
February | Bullet Hell
March | Sports
April | Hack and Slash
May | Open World
June | Farming and Crafting
July | JRPG
August | Fighting
September | 3D Platformer
October | Simulation
November | Strategy
December | 2022 VGBC Game Awards

Weebs n Thugs in Video (In Order of Appearance):










End Card Art by SoulCharizard

Outro Music:
House of the Dead Overkill Main Theme (Vocals)


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