For the price of one AAA game, you can get hundreds of queer indies in this bundle


It’s pride month, folks, and the indies of itch.io are doing their giant Queer Games Bundle again. The Queer Games Bundle 2022 (opens in new tab), of over 500 items, 374 of which are videogames, is intended to give a funding boost to queer indie creators and teams. The rest of the bundle is made up of tabletop games, comics, books, art—you know, game stuff. Last year’s bundle was pretty neat, (opens in new tab) and I found some cool stuff in it.

In case you’re thinking it’s all small weird stuff, I can spot some verified gems in here: A Mortician’s Tale (opens in new tab), which is about just what it sounds like.  A Day of Maintenance (opens in new tab), which is about doing some space upkeep and chatting with your coworkers. And 2064: Read Only Memories (opens in new tab), a superb bit of lighthearted cyberpunk point-and-click adventure with dead-on writing, to name a but a paltry few.

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