Indie Retro News: Get The Diamonds 2 : Get More Diamonds


If you don’t have a C64, but you do have a Vic20 with a 35kb expansion however, then you might like this news update, as thanks to @ResetC64 who sent us a heads up via twitter, we’ve been told that if you like puzzle games, then make sure to check out Derek’s latest game of ‘Get The Diamonds 2 : Get More Diamonds’; a new 1 player game for your 35kb expanded VIC20 both PAL and NTSC VIC20 that features colorful graphics, in game sound and 8 fiendish levels that has been published via Reset64 Magazine.

Here is what the website says about this lovely looking game! Diamond Dylan is at it again! He finally collected enough diamonds to buy his country cottage. Unfortunately, on arrival at the bank, he discovered housing prices had risen and he requires more diamonds to pay for his dream home. Help Diamond Dylan navigate each of the 8 levels to ‘get more diamonds’ so he can finally retire in peace and get away from the traffic, once and for all. 

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