BabylonOnline Launch Trailer


BabylonOnline is the triumphant finale to NirvanaOnline’s Vexation War storyline. Experience this brand-new game world for free as part of your subscription to the NirvanaOnline Suite.

Babylon is the cosmic realm just on the other side of what we call “reality”. This cosmic wonderland is home to the gods of Nirvana: The Vexation Priests. Let by an enigmatic and omniscient ruler, the inhabitants of Babylon are as fascinating as they are esoteric. Join forces with your friends and take on tantalizing new 12-player Vaults and even a brand-new 24-player Incursion! Steal the powers of the gods and use them for yourself. The possibilities are yours to decide when BabylonOnline launches on June 6th, 2022!

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