Half-baked battle royale with NFTs to launch on the Epic Games Store, pleasing nobody


It looks like the Epic Games Store is getting its first NFT game. Um… yee haw? Grit was announced in 2021 as a cowboy battle royale coming to Steam, but after missing a few early access launch windows it went quiet, then resurfaced earlier this year as a blockchain game. While there’s still no launch date, Grit now has a page on the Epic Games Store and is listed as “coming soon.”

A few of us gave Grit a try during a technical test last year—at that stage it was just another battle royale with no mention of NFTs—and while none of us were blown away it did show a bit of promise. An Old West battle royale with six-shooters, steam engines, horses, and a poker-based loot system had a lot of appeal, even in an alpha state. But it definitely had a long way to go.

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