New Elden Ring mod inflicts hunger and regional diseases


If you didn’t delve into crafting enough in Elden Ring, there’s a new mod on the way that’ll have you regularly dipping in.

Courtesy of modder Grimrukh, the Elden Ring: Survival Mode mod will release tonight bringing hunger, thirst, and regional diseases that will require players to craft food and medicine to survive.

Feeling hungry? Combine a sliver of meat with a smouldering butterfly to create a seared steak. Tasty!

In the opening area, enemies can inflict you with the Plague of Limgrave that accelerates the effects of hunger and thirst.

Over in Caelid, meanwhile, there’s the Scarlet Parasite as well as overwhelming heat.

What’s more, night-time will now be truly dark – torches will be a necessity in the overworld as well as in caverns and dungeons.

In all, the mod adds a whole new layer of difficulty to an already tricky experience. If the base game wasn’t enough suffering for you, then this Survival Mode should keep you entertained. The final mod will also be customisable, so you can add as many of the survival features as you like.

If you’re after a more friendly mod, then perhaps turning the game into a seamless co-op experience is more to your liking?

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