Underwater side-scroller Silt could learn a lot from Rain World


There are a few moments from Playdead’s Inside that will live rent-free in my head forever, but my favourite involves a submarine. After you steal the underwater vessel from some unwitting researchers, you crash through a barricade, revealing an entire sunken realm of sky rises, office blocks, and yes, a creepy water troll that tries to drown you and I still shudder to think of. But it did get me thinking about the potential of setting a gloomy side-scroller underwater. Enter Silt.

Though it doesn’t reach anywhere near the same heights as Inside, in-part due to its snappy length and relatively simple puzzles, it’s hard not to get drawn into the overall mood of Silt. In Hollow Knight fashion, you play as a disembodied soul inhabiting a diving suit and trying to figure out your purpose among the ruins of a long-collapsed civilization. All you know is that you have to hunt four sea monsters and steal their eyes: a mission right out of a Victorian story book.

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