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EGX is back later this year, and we’re currently making plans to ensure it comes back with a bang. As part of that there’s a small survey going around to help our corporate cousins at Reedpop understand what you love about live shows and what you want to see more of – tt should only take up about 10 minutes of your time, is completely anonymous and is mildly more entertaining than 10 minutes spent doomscrolling Twitter – and hopefully we’ll all get a better EGX as a result.

EGX returns to London’s ExCel from 22-25 September, and we’ll be there with panels, interviews and discussions and hopefully a bit more besides. You’ll also most likely find me by the old arcade cabinets, making sure no-one beats my Outrun score, so do come say hello.

Anyway, that survey – you can find it and fill it out over here if it’s something that takes your fancy and we’d be super grateful if you did. Thanks, as ever, for your time!

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