Netflix’s new Resident Evil trailer goes all-in on action, zombies, and a giant spider


Netflix has released a new trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil (opens in new tab) series, giving fans and followers a slightly closer look at the game-inspired tale of science and zombies that’s coming to small screens in July.

I’m not a Resident Evil “guy” but I do know a thing or two about zombies, and coming at it from that angle I can’t say I’m super impressed with this trailer. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, really, but it says nothing more about the show than the teaser (as opposed to the full trailer, which this is) released in May, and to my eye it all comes across as extremely generic.

  • Science: Out of hand!
  • Trouble: Keep it hidden!
  • Zombies: It’s always zombies!
  • The Future: Well, this sucks

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