New PS Plus Premium and Extra Upgrade Fees Reportedly Capped for Huge Periods


The new PlayStation Plus tiers have been rolled out in Asia and Japan and they’ll be rolling out across the Americas in just a few days’ time. Many members who had stacked their subscriptions for years to come were looking at fairly large upgrade fees if they wanted to change to PS Plus Extra or Premium, but it seems like Sony has now capped the charges so this is no longer the case.

Upgrading to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium

Those with a current PS Plus Essential membership will be given the option to upgrade their membership to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium for a pro-rata fee. However, this is a one-time transaction, meaning players have to upgrade to Extra or Premium for the entire duration of their existing membership. This meant that those who had stacked their subscriptions for a period of several years were looking at extremely large fees to upgrade. However, it seems like Sony has now capped those upgrade fees so those PS Plus charges are a bit more reasonable.

As posted on ResetEra, multiple Japanese PS Plus Essential members had been facing large bills to upgrade their membership. One player who was subscribed until the end of July 2027 had been facing a bill of nearly $200 to upgrade to Premium and $135 to upgrade to Extra. Another who was subscribed until April 30, 2034, had a similar situation. Both of these players have now had their fees capped at ¥12,750 (approximately $100) for a Premium upgrade and ¥8,600 (approximately $65) for an Extra upgrade, quite a significant reduction in costs.

An employee at the official Sony Japan support center did tell a customer that the upgrade fee for PS Plus Premium had been capped at ¥12,750 although this was yet to be reflected on the PlayStation official website. Sony is yet to make an official statement on this change.

In other news, Geoff Keighley has warned players to keep their expectations low as the Summer Games Fest show will concentrate on games that have already been announced. Elsewhere, Square Enix has revealed there is a new Just Cause game in development.

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