Hex Gaming controllers offers 2 and 4 paddles builds for PS5, XBSX and PS4. This Rival controller with two back paddles is surprisingly well made. Every Hex Gaming controller comes standard with fully modular thumb sticks and the back paddle setup. In this build we went all out on customization, even trying out their fast shot digital press hair triggers and they didn’t disappoint. There was no shortage of aesthetic customization options and the controller is beautiful. These controllers are real contenders, using quality parts and superior design in their builds. Also have to appreciate that their builds are readily available on Amazon. Definitely looking forward to checking out there Ultimate build with 4 back paddles. I make absolutely nothing off of any purchases made and have no discount codes for you guys. If you enjoy straight forward no BS reviews then please subscribe to the channel and like the video!

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00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Aesthetics
01:22 – Fast Shot triggers
02:04 – Modular thumb sticks
02:33 – Back Paddles
04:00 – Remapping and Reset
04:56 – Pro’s and Cons
07:40 – Pricing
08:14 – Final Thoughts
09:03 – Outtro

All gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps

Equipment and Programs Used for Video Capture and Creation:
Capture – Elgato HD60S
Microphone – RODE
Microphone for Game Chat – G TRACK PRO
Facecam – Sony A7s
Review Camera – Sony A7iii
Gaming Monitor – TOO MANY
Computer – CUSTOM AF
Headset – Astro A40 with Mixamp TR pro
Controller – BattleBeaverCustoms
Video Editing – Adobe Premier CS6 and After Effects CS6
Thumbnails – Adobe Photoshop CS6

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