Dead by Daylight ‘Roots of Dread’ spotlight Trailer


Just yesterday, Behaviour Interactive launched a new chapter for Dead by Daylight. That chapter, titled Roots of Dread, has now gotten a new trailer that dives deep into what this experience has to offer. You can check out the spotlight trailer above.

The 24th chapter for Dead by Daylight, Roots of Dread, features the game’s newest killer, The Dredge, the personification of fear itself. Haddie Kaur, a new Survivor, has also entered the fray. Haddie is a bold and courageous monster hunter fully equipped to face the dangers that await in The Entity’s Realm. Players can enjoy these fresh characters while exploring a new map, the Garden of Joy, a ghostly reminder of a once-flourishing small-town dream – now a symbol of domestic terror.

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