Report: The Last of Us PS5, PC Launching in September 2022


A vague tweet from a relatively new insider has fans convinced that The Last of Us PS5 remake and PC version are both launching on September 2nd, 2022. The insider, who goes by the name The Snitch on Twitter (@insider_wtf) quickly made a name for themselves by accurately leaking the complete PlayStation State of Play lineup last week. And yesterday, they leaked Hideo Kojima’s new horror game in collaboration with known insider Tom Henderson.

Why fans think The Last of Us PS5, PC launch is happening in September

The Last of Us PS5 remake has been rumored for a while now and reports of its existence have been corroborated by nearly every trustworthy insider and veteran journalist including Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. There have also been multiple reports that the game will launch within this year. While release dates and windows can change due to unforeseen circumstances, suffice to say that The Last of Us 1 remake is in the works and it’s all but confirmed.

So why do fans think The Snitch is talking about The Last of Us? “Part 1” is one clue. The tweet shows a controller and PC emoji, hinting at a PC release of whatever game the insider is teasing here. The theory that they could be talking about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 heading to Xbox and PC isn’t as popular because the game is already available on PC via Epic Games Store. But what if The Snitch means an Xbox and Steam release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1? We’ll find out! For now, fans are convinced that they’re talking about The Last of Us given recent reports and Sony’s push into PC releases.

Late last night, Reddit users noticed a now-deleted tweet by Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr, in which he appeared to be teasing something in response to a Summer Game Fest tweet. Could Scherr be hinting at The Last of Us PS5, PC release this September? We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

In other news, Bend Studio has a new logo and a new game in development, and ESA has reiterated that E3 will return next year.

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