Today’s Wordle: Wednesday, June 8 answer and a clue


Have you been scrolling through search engines for the answer to the June 8 (354) Wordle? It’s the hump day of the week. Last weekend is a distant memory, and the next one feels too far away for comfort. At least I’ve always got Wordle to keep me busy during these trying times, a little bit of fun to sneak in when the middle of the week gets a bit too Wednesday for comfort.

If you’ve already blazed through the midweek challenge, perhaps you’d like to browse through our Wordle archive instead? I’m sure I can help you out with all your Wordle needs. I’ve prepared a quick hint, written out the full answer, and if you’d like to learn how to play I’ve got all the rules you need to know right here. 

Wordle June 8: A helpful hint

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