EU mandates USB Type-C chargers for mobile devices, handheld consoles


Device makers have until fall of 2024 to adopt the standard for all small and medium-sized portable electronics

Beginning in the fall of 2024, all portable electronics sold in the European Union will need to use USB Type-C for their charging ports.

The mandate was announced yesterday after an agreement was reached between the European Parliament and European Council.

The goal of the unified standard it to reduce electronic waste — buyers will be able to choose to purchase goods without chargers — and make consumers’ lives easier.

While the fall 2024 deadline applies to everything from phones to tablets to earbuds to handheld game consoles, there is one exception in that laptop manufacturers will have an additional 40 months to comply.

Devices would be able to feature alternate ports if the manufacturers so choose, but the charging speed must be the same for any compatible charger.

The mandate also includes provisions empowering the European Commission to the address the interoperability of wireless charging formats as that technology grows in popularity.

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