Keep your guests comfy in this bed and breakfast sim, and also you are a bear


I know we’re not even halfway through this big summer gaming glut, but can we just stop right here? I’ve found the game I want to play and I don’t need to see any more games. Let’s just shut things down so I can go play Bear and Breakfast (opens in new tab) when it releases next month.

In Bear and Breakfast you are a bear. Your name is Hank. And you do what all pleasant, friendly bears dream of: You run and manage a bed and breakfast. Romanian developer Gummy Cat Studio spells it out in their segment at Day of the Devs, explaining how as Hank you’ll renovate old buildings and fix them up so they’re suitable for guests. Each guest will have certain requirements, such as comfort levels, and you’ll need to match those expectations as you craft furniture and place amenities like showers and beds in your rooms.

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