Super Smash Bros is now Marvel Cinematic Universe canon


This week’s enjoyable first episode of Ms Marvel included a neat gaming nod for Nintendo fans.

Dialogue between Kamala Khan and her high school friends revealed they play Super Smash Bros together – meaning Nintendo’s all-star fighter is now Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

Kamala herself seemed to be a fan of Smash, though her friend Nakia was less keen.

Perhaps understandably, no reference was made to Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers.

“Are you inviting me over to play Smash Bros? Because if so, I’m busy,” Kamala’s friend Nakia says at one point, when discussing the group’s weekend plans.

“Don’t hate the player hate the game,” Kamala replies.

“Thing is, I do hate the game though,” Nakia adds. Maybe she’s not tried Melee?

Fans reacted positively to the reference, and began listing the various Nintendo franchises that were, by association, also now canon in the MCU. Looking at you, F-Zero.

This isn’t the first video game reference in an MCU film, of course. Fortnite featured prominently in Avengers: Endgame, as part of Epic Games and Disney’s close partnership which has seen the battle royale flooded with Marvel, Star Wars and now Indiana Jones crossovers.

Before all that, the very first Avengers film also included footage of a video game being played. Can you remember which?

It was Galaga!

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