AMD teases its next gen chiplet-based RDNA 3 architecture


CPU’s weren’t the only thing discussed at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day. AMD definitely wants to impress everyone with its upcoming Zen 4 CPUs (opens in new tab), but a gaming rig is useless without a capable graphics card, and early indicators are that AMD’s next generation RDNA 3 graphics cards will be very competitive indeed.

AMD hasn’t said much about RDNA 3. The cards are still many months from seeing the light of day, but as we get closer, AMD felt it was time to give a brief high-level overview of what we can expect. The thing that jumps out from the solitary slide below is a targeted greater than 50% performance per watt uplift. That’s a very impressive number indeed. Let’s assume a hypothetical RX 7900 XT is 50% faster than a RX 6900 XT (opens in new tab) at 300W. What could it do at 400W, or 450W? Wowsers.

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