Desta: The Memories Between is the next game from Monument Valley maker ustwo games


The next game from ustwo games is turn-based action title Desta: The Memories Between.

Revealed at the Summer Game Fest, the Monument Valley developer promises this will be its “deepest, most ambitious and most replayable title” yet.

The game is set for release later this year on mobile in partnership with Netflix, with a PC and console release planned for a later date.

As the titular Desta, players will explore dreamlike worlds with turn-based, roguelike gameplay inspired by the likes of Hades and Into the Breach.

Its world, meanwhile, is influenced by Inception, exploring themes of memory and self-reflection.

Desta: The Memories Between gameplay

“All the characters you meet in the game helped Desta become who they are – there’s a lot about loss and finding yourself, which are themes that I’m sure we can all relate to. We hope players enjoy exploring Desta’s dream worlds, and the reawakening that follows,” said Danny Gray, ustwo games chief creative officer.

Meanwhile, ustwo is also releasing the Monument Valley series on PC as the Panoramic Collection.

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