Indie Retro News: Stoker – Eagerly awaited C64 platformer by Rhys Clatworthy, gets a playable preview


If you’re looking for new C64 news you’ve come to the right place, as thanks to an early morning heads up from Saberman, not only have we been informed that development is still progressing a decent pace for the eagerly awaited game of ‘Stoker’, but we’ve also been told that in relation to the video posted below, the developer has released an early playable preview version 2. A preview of the game that looks to feature some pretty impressive eye candy by Rhys Clatworthy

While most people in the C64 group were in complete shock with the odd member saying “WOW” when it was first announced, from what we can see in the video, the game features a playable level, you can breath fire, a large character sprite(?), enemies to defeat, objects to pick up, decent animation and more you’ll just have to experience for yourselves in this early look preview from Rhys Clatworthy!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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