Naughty Dog gives update on standalone The Last of Us multiplayer


We had been promised that a new The Last of Us multiplayer component would be coming, and now we have a little bit more information on it.

Its not much, but Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has revealed a new piece of concept art (see the image above) for it and said it will be as big as any single-player game the team has done, if not bigger – which given the size of Part 2 is quite the claim!

This multiplayer will have its own storyline and it takes place in another part of the United States. Is that the Golden Gate Bridge we can see over there? Hmm. Why, yes. Yes, I think it is.

Eurogamer’s The Last of Us Part 2 video review.

Druckmann has promised we will hear more about this multiplayer offering next year, so now its back to more of that good ol’ waiting game.

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