Today’s Wordle: Friday, June 10 answer and hint


It’s Friday, so take it easy: here’s the answer to the June 10 (356) Wordle. I made the mistake of trying to multitask when I played today’s Wordle, which led to four yellow letters and no clue where they were supposed to go. I think I would’ve preferred a full set of greys—at least then I know for sure I need to try something completely different. 

I’m sure you did much better than my confused effort, so now you’re done with today’s puzzle maybe you’d like to browse through our Wordle archive? No matter what you want to do today, I can help. I’ve got helpful hints, that all-important answer, and if you’d like to learn how to play the internet’s favourite word game I’d be happy to show you how. 

Wordle June 10: A helpful hint

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