The Coolest Games We Played At Summer Game Fest 2022


Last year, Unpacking hooked players with its meditative approach to letting a narrative unfold as you help an unseen character place their belongings in each new living space into which they move. A Little To The Left doesn’t deliver the same experience as that beloved title, but if you enjoyed the chill puzzle vibes of Unpacking, chances are, A Little To The Left is right up your alley. A Little To The Left, developed by a two-person team, gives you household objects to organize.

These seemingly simple puzzles are not only satisfying to complete and easy to vibe out on, but they often hold many solutions. For example, the puzzle pictured above, where you organize keys, can be solved by sorting the keys by how many holes they have or by organizing them by length. As you play through the various puzzles, new elements impede and enhance your progress, such as a cat that likes to cause trouble, surreal scenarios, or even ever-changing physics. The charming art style and approachable puzzle design make this an indie game to watch when it launches this fall. —Brian Shea

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