Ark 2 gets new cinematic trailer with Vin Diesel, coming 2023


We now have another look at the Vin Diesel in his dino riding gear. Yes, that’s right, at Microsoft and Bethesda’s showcase this evening, we got another look at Ark 2: Survival Evolved.

As well as this, we also got the news that it will now be coming our way in 2023. You will be able to play it on day one with Game Pass, via console, cloud and PC.

You can check out the new cinematic trailer for Ark 2 below and see Vin Diesel as his character Santigo saddled atop a dino.

Vin Diesel in Ark 2.

As well as starring in the game, the actor is also serving as the executive producer on the project, bringing his game development skills to the test. Reports also say that Diesel has played over 1,000 hours of the original game.

Also, did you know his real name is actually Mark Sinclair?!

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