Here’s 8 minutes of gameplay from Outpost, the game with the bonkers trailer


Back in April, during the Enter the Dragon showcase highlighting games from China coming to Steam, we thoroughly enjoyed the first trailer for a game with the working title of Outpost. Its bombastic mix of casual missile-tossing, sudden flips between FPS and RTS, stacks of artillery, mechs, hordes of enemies, and then a robot swarm right out of The Matrix Revolutions, really tickled our fancy.

As well as a second trailer during the Future Games Show, which featured more zombie-burning and stop-motion basebuilding, we’ve also seen eight minutes of gameplay. It’s packed with warnings that this footage comes from the playtest, “uses placeholder resources”, and “does not represent final quality”, but it does gives a clearer idea what Outpost, or whatever it ends up being called—hopefully not a name that’s already been used by two other games—will actually play like.

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