Here’s a trailer for new narrative adventure, Arctic Awakening


Goldfire Studios has shared an all-new story trailer for its upcoming narrative adventure, Arctic Awakening.

Taking you to Alaska in 2062, the “thrilling, heart-racing” teaser gives an idea of what the game will have in store for us when it releases on consoles and PC (including Mac) in 2023.

“Arctic Awakening is a narrative adventure, where your choices affect the decisions of those around you. Your actions will change your relationship with your companions and even your story itself,” the studio explains, hinting that the environment itself is a character that is “not always on your side”.

“You are Kai, a pilot without a plane lost in the wilderness of the far north. You’ll need your wits about you to brave the elements, find your co-pilot and get the hell out of Dodge. Along the way, you might just discover what it was that cut your plane clean in two… and what it is making those noises after dark.

“Arctic Awakening is a first-person narrative adventure set in the mysterious Arctic North where you and your robotic companion, Alfie, must search for your co-pilot… and a way home.”

With vistas to explore, secrets to uncover, and Kai’s newfound partnership with Alfie, Arctic Awakening will release in five 60-90 minute chapters sometime next year.

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