Sea of Thieves players can finally name their ships starting in July


It’s taken over four years of concerted pleading, but Sea of Thieves players will finally be able to name their own ships from July, when the multiplayer pirate adventures very-long-awaited Captaincy Update arrives as part of Season Seven.

First discussed prior to Sea of Thieves’ launch, the Captaincy Update was originally set to be one of the game’s first post-launch updates, giving Pirate Legends the ability create their own legendary ship and forge a fearsome identity for themselves on the waves. They’d also start each session within the Legendary Hideout, blasting through its waterfall to make a grand entrance on the main map.

Unfortunately, following Sea of Thieves’ rocky launch, Rare announced it would be placing the Captaincy update “on the back burner” while it refocussed its development. Since then, the Captaincy update has become the stuff of legends itself, many assuming it was lost to time.

Sea of Thieves – Captains of Adventure Trailer.

Now, however, as announced during tonight’s Xbox Showcase, it’s back, albeit in what appears to be rather grander fashion than originally envisaged. Revealed by the medium of song in the newly shared trailer above, Captains of Adventure (as Season Seven will be known), introduces a host of new features designed around the idea of becoming the captain of your own distinctive vessel.

Come Season Seven’s arrival, players will, for instance, be able to purchase their own ships, name it, decorate its cabin with an assortment of lavish trimmings, with all customisations saved between sessions. Additionally, captains will be able to choose their paths (whatever that means), earn unique rewards, make use of new cash-in point across the ocean, and more. Sadly, no word on that whole blasting out of a waterfall thing though.

Specifics of all this are still under wraps, but expect more details as Sea of Thieves’ Captains of Adventure update’s 21st July arrival draws nearer.

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