Bethesda confirms your character won’t be voiced in Starfield


Following yesterday’s big Starfield gameplay reveal, Bethesda has re-emerged with a few additional details regarding its highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, confirming that dialogue scenes will be presented in first-person throughout, and that the main character won’t be voiced.

If you’re only familiar with Bethesda games prior to Fallout 4, that probably won’t seem like all that big a deal, given that mute protagonists and lengthy first-person conversations with dead-eyed NPCs were par for the course in Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim, and Oblivion.

It’s really only notable when you factor in Fallout 4; here, Bethesda opted for a slightly more cinematic approach to its story telling, switching to third-person perspective during dialogue scenes and introducing a fully voiced protagonist – the latter drawing complaints from fans that felt the decision had forced the developer to limit the breadth and depth of conversation options compared to those seen in previous games.

Starfield – Official Gameplay Reveal.

Bethesda has apparently listened to feedback, however, and, at the very least, reverted to its tried-and-tested presentational formula of old. “Yes, dialogue in Starfield is first person,” the developer wrote in a tweet earlier today, “and your character does not have a voice.”

Bethesda, of course, shared a first proper look at Starfield during this weekend’s Xbox Showcase, giving fans a taste of things to come when the delayed sci-fi RPG finally arrives in the first half of next year. Will that include the return of eerily unnatural NPCs boring their cold, dead eyes into your very soul? Only time will tell!

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