Her Story and Telling Lies dev’s Immortality gets July date


Immortality, the next game from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, will launch for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 26th July.

That date was revealed this evening during a fresh trailer for Immortality, shown during this year’s PC Gaming Show. As previously announced, the title will launch on Xbox directly into Game Pass.

Immortality is an investigative horror game where you sift through footage from three (fictional) classic films which starred the (also fictional) actress Marissa Marcel, in order to discover her fate.

A look at Immortality’s investigative story and gameplay.

As with Barlow games past, your journey through the evidence is up to your powers of deduction. This time, though, you’re trying to search via visual items of interest which might link to other, similar footage. Say, for example, a character’s face, or a piece of jewellery.

Finally, as we already knew, there are some notable names helping bring Immortality’s mysteries to life, including writers Allan Scott (Queen’s Gambit and Don’t Look Now), Amelia Gray (Mr. Robot and Maniac), and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart and Lost Highway).

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