Here’s a first look at Blade Runner-esque Cloudpunk’s gorgeous life-sim spin-off Nivalis


Last May, developer Ion Lands got fans of its gorgeous Blade-Runner-esque delivery thriller Cloudpunk a little bit giddy with the announcement of new life-sim spin-off Nivalis, and now, a little over a year on, the developer has given a first look at the game in action.

Cloudpunk, which released back in 2020, was an experience I enjoyed a lot after it received a number of much-needed post-launch nips and tucks, revelling in the chance to play out all my Blade Runner fantasies by careening around its stunningly designed, neon-drenched futuristic city of Nivalis in my trusty flying car.

The biggest disappointment was that Nivalis proved to be rather lifeless at ground level, which is where Cloudpunk’s spin-off comes in, attempting to turn the city from a pretty backdrop into a rich, meaningful world of its own as you attempt to build a business up from scratch.

Nivalis – Official Announcement Trailer.

“Choose how to spend your time each day and discover the wonders and dangers of this cyberpunk voxel city,” explains Ion Lands, “realistic weather simulation and night-day cycles included. Grow your business, furnish your apartment, manage restaurants and nightclubs, learn how to make the perfect dish or cocktail. Need a break? Why not go fishing, or maybe explore the city – on foot or in a HOVA. Meet strangers, friends, customers and lovers alike. This is Nivalis as you’ve never seen it before.”

There’s still word on a release date for Nivalis yet, but you can get a taste of its life-sim action in the newly launched PC trailer above.

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