Kojima partners with Microsoft for cloud-based game


Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed a partnership with Microsoft to make a brand new cloud-based project.

The industry veteran made an appearance at yesterday’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase to reveal the collaboration, saying that it was something that he had always wanted to make, but it was not technically possible until now.

“There is a game I have always wanted to make,” he said.

“It’s a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before. I’ve waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it.

“With Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud technology and the change in the industry’s trend, it has now become possible to challenge myself to to make this never-before-seen concept.

“It may take some time, but I’m looking forward to teaming up with Xbox Game Studios and hope to bring you some exciting news in the future.”

This follows persistent rumours that Xbox was courting Kojima Productions. The firm was founded back in 2015 following the Metal Gear veteran’s rather messy departure from Konami. Since it has released Death Stranding in partnership with Sony.

Posts on Twitter say that Kojima Productions’ collaboration with Xbox isn’t affecting its relationship with the PlayStation maker.

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