Pikmin Bloom adds “Leaf Hat” Decor Pikmin


Pikmin Bloom has 7 main Pikmin types, but there are a variety of Pikmin styles, or as the game calls it, ‘Decor.’ Those who are out to collect all kinds of Decor Pikmin can now add a new one to their hunt, the Leaf Hat variety!

If you want to grab a Leaf Hat Pikmin for your collection, you’ll have to go out on a walk when the weather calls for rain. Whether it’s actually raining or there’s rain in the forecast, you could find yourself the lucky owner of a Leaf Hat Pikmin.

This type of Decor Pikmin is different from any you have met so far in that it is not tied to a particular location. The Leaf Hat Decor is only available for Blue Pikmin, as they’re water-resistant. All in all, you can find three different Leaf Hat Decor Pikmin on your travels.

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