Flying a Halo spaceship in Microsoft Flight Sim shouldn’t work this well


I’ve been here before, waiting for takeoff at Edinburgh International. The sky is cloudy, the air buzzing with the sound of jet engines, anticipation building for a quick hop down to London. The cabin lurches, and we take off—not forwards, but straight up. Because instead of an Easyjet, we’re taking our hols in the front seat of Halo’s iconic Pelican dropship.

Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that it was adding Halo’s hefty spaceship to Microsoft Flight Simulator as a free download, letting you explore the game’s 1:1 recreation of the Earth in Master Chief’s favoured aircraft. It’s not entirely unprecedented, of course—Forza Horizon has long let you cut about real world landscapes in the Halo Warthog (opens in new tab)

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