Resident Evil Village has shifted 6.1m copies


Survival horror title Resident Evil Village has sold more than six million copies since its release in 2021.

That’s according to Japanese publishing giant Capcom, which revealed that the game has shifted 6.1 million units around the world since was launched on May 7th last year. That means that Village has sold around 1.6 million copies since the end of June 2021, when the sales total clocked in at over 4.5 million units.

“Thanks to all of our fans, Village has sold over six million units worldwide,” the game’s producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said. “Everyone on the team is incredibly happy to see so many people enjoy the game. Thank you for your support.”

Capcom also announced that the Resident Evil franchise as a whole has sold more than 125 million units, a 15 million increase on the 110 million figure revealed in May 2021.

This news comes as Capcom announces Resident Evil Village Cold Edition, which adds a third-person mode and new story content. This coincides with the release of online shooter Resident Evil Re:Verse.

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