Dragon’s Dogma livestream event scheduled for this week


Capcom has scheduled a special Dragon’s Dogma livestream for this week, on Thursday 16th June at 11pm UK time.

The 12-minute event was announced by Capcom in its main showcase last night.

The fact Capcom has put together a whole show for Dragon’s Dogma has fans of the cult RPG very excited. Well, excited and annoyed Capcom just didn’t announce a sequel then and there.

A look at the Dragon’s Dogma anime on Netflix.

Speaking last night, Dragon’s Dogma game director Hideaki Itsuno noted the original game had just passed its 10th anniversary – and that the franchise had now spawned various spin-offs (though no full sequel as yet).

“The world of Dragon’s Dogma has since spread to various different kinds of media, ranging from games, such as Dragon’s Dogma and the Dark Arisen expansion, to digital comics and a Netflix original animated series,” Itsuno said.

“In the coming days, we will be releasing a video celebrating 10 years of Dragon’s Dogma, talking about how and what Dragon’s Dogma came to be. So whether you’re a long time fan or just curious about the series, we’ll have something for you to enjoy! We hope you check it out!”

There’s certainly no promise of a sequel there – but surely this is the moment, if an announcement is coming?

And yes, if that date and time sounds familiar, it is exactly the same moment Square Enix is holding its 25th anniversary Final Fantasy 7 livestream.

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