Dying Light 2 update adds photo mode today


Dying Light 2 has been updated today to version 1.4.0, with a photo mode, plus new items and activities, as the game’s five-year post-launch plan gets into gear.

Head to the Fish Eye Canteen and you’ll find new character Harper, who has new things for you to do in return for ranked rewards.

Daily and weekly bounties, two new currencies, fresh types of Infected enemies have also been added, alongside that photo mode which developer Techland promises includes special effects to “allow you to create unique sequences straight from the action movies”.

All the Dying Light 2 Easter eggs you may have missed.

Back in January, Techland said it would “guarantee” at least five years’ worth of support for Dying Light 2 following the game’s February arrival. This will include “new stories, locations, in-game events” and items.

Support for the original Dying Light only wrapped up this month, seven years on from launch. Probably, anyway – even though a brand-new all-inclusive version of the game is now out there with dozens of DLCs included, Techland left the door very slightly ajar for more to come there as well.

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