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I can’t believe she flipped a coin to decide the degree she’d do. If it had fallen differently, she might have been on an archaeological dig somewhere now, in Egypt, looking at ancient bones. But instead she’s here as the guides editor of Eurogamer, looking at ancient writers like me.

She is Lottie Lynn and much to our benefit, the coin she flipped landed on ‘writing’ instead, something that’s been a driving passion in her life since forever. She’s published short stories and is even working on not one but two novels at the same time, as you do. Moreover, she’s one of the only people I know to still write a lot of this by hand. She fills piles of notebooks with meticulous handwriting, even while sitting by her computer in the office – a hybrid approach, I suppose she’d call it.

So how does that land her in guides? Well, I was surprised to discover she’d written some as a teenager for GameFAQs, though they don’t exist any more. Apparently she’d always had an eye on games journalism, and when working as a farm labourer (!) wasn’t quite ticking the box, she gave herself a year to pursue a dream instead. And look how it turned out.

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