How To Fix PS Plus Game Streaming Lag and Stutter


PS Plus Game Streaming is officially rolling out to more countries, including North America. It’s an exciting time for those who never experienced PS Now, as a wide variety of PS3 and PS4 games are now available to stream. Unfortunately, streaming games isn’t always smooth sailing. Lag and stutter can pop up at the worst of times, ruining the potential for glorious nostalgia-filled streaming sessions. Thankfully, there are some workarounds. Here’s how to fix PS Plus Game Streaming lag and stutter on PS5 and PS4.

PS Plus Game Streaming lag and stutter fix

To fix PS Plus Game Streaming lag and stutter on PS5 and PS4, users should:

  • Make sure their system has a stable connection.
    • While you might be able to get away with a janky connection for syncing across saves and basic navigation of the PS Store, the Game Streaming function requires much more consistency.
    • This means pausing all downloads and uploads across your network to have the best chance of avoiding lag and stutter.
    • Going wired instead of wireless is also recommended. Ditching the cable may be convenient, but wired is the way to go for stability and consistency, which is what Game Streaming needs.
  • Make sure you have a fast enough connection for Game Streaming.
    • Game Streaming requires between 5 Mb/s for streaming sub-1080p content and 15 Mb/s for streaming 1080p content.
    • While the above recommendations are directly from PlayStation’s official guide, I’d recommend aiming a bit higher than this.
  • Try a restart.
    • Both your system and router can experience issues that cause lag or stutter in games. Sometimes the simple “Turn it off and turn it back on” strat can work wonders.
  • Check the PlayStation Services status.
    • Click here to make sure that PlayStation isn’t experiencing any problems. Everything should be green for the optimal experience.

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