Indie Retro News: Riamel Black Prophecy


As so many of you are aware by now we love Retro games, especially games that have been lost into the ages and through these modern times have finally been recovered for many of us to enjoy. This is especially true for games such as Daffy Duck And The Great Paint Caper which was released on the C64. Thankfully more games are being recovered, as thanks to a heads up from Galahad via EAB, we have been told that Scoopex has made available a new and unreleased Amiga game of Riamel Black Prophecy; A rather large 3 disk Amiga game that looks to have been originally created by Steve Postma!

The demo footage above (as well as the game itself) which is linked below, requires 1.5 Meg of RAM or more to run, At least 512 K of this must be CHIP RAM as well as at least two disk drives or a hard drive with the ability to load from Workbench (as the game does come on three disks).As for the full game which has been provided by Scoopex, it encompasses a much larger playing area, includes several cities with some huge underground dungeon sequences, as well as the creatures that inhabit them.  So yes a pretty incredible release for any Amiga user out there, and even more so when you read how the game was found and recovered with further details (HERE).

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download

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