Today’s Wordle: Wednesday, June 15 answer and hint


No, it’s not just you: the June 15 (361) Wordle answer is a little tricky. I know the right word is hiding somewhere on this keyboard, but like a tiny dictionary-trained acrobat those precious green-boxed letters somehow dodge most of my increasingly desperate prods until today’s Wordle goes right down to the wire. Still, a barely-scraped-by victory is still a victory, isn’t it?

Perhaps you’re here to take a look at our Wordle archive (opens in new tab) instead? No matter the reason for your click, I’m sure I can help you out. I’ve prepared a quick clue, written out the answer if you need it, and if you’ve never played Wordle before I can explain all the rules. 

Wordle June 15: A helpful hint

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