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We’ve featured Wonderboy many times now on Indie Retro News, from the modern remake of Wonderboy The Dragons Trap, to the Amiga versions of Wonderboy in Monster Land SE, and the upcoming Wonderboy 1200; An Arcade game from 1986 as an unofficial Amiga port by Acidbottle. Well here we are with another Wonderboy story, although not a good one. As we’ve recently found out that the previously announced Wonder Boy Remake for the Amstrad 128k by BenYoris is now on hold with a playable alpha below.

Here is what OneVision has said in regards to this game, via the CPCWiki forums. “Sadly, the project is now on hold, because life has its priorates and the coder on this project must tend to them. I wanted anyway to share what we’ve done so far. You’ll find a CPR that you can run on your M4 or your favorite emulator. If you hit 2 on the title screen, you’ll be able to play approx. 3/4 of the level 1.2 with some bugs and the impossibility to finish it (because at some point 2 clouds are too distant to reach the end of the level). You’ll nevertheless be able to enjoy and see by yourselves how far we’ve gone.

“I wish I could tell you when we’ll be able to complete this project. As you can imagine, such retrogaming projects are very demanding both in time and motivation. And we all have lives to live. Anyway, I think we made it clear that a better version of WonderBoy is possible on “old” Amstrad 128K, without needing the features of the PLUS series. For the moment, I’ll let you enjoy this and I just wanted you to know that, along with some other people, I’m working on another Amstrad project, which could bring something “magical” to the Amstrad game collection”

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