PS Plus Premium Syphon Filter PS5 PS4 Game Unavailable to Some Members


As was to be expected, the launch of the new PS Plus tiers hasn’t been without its problems. One of those that has cropped up since the release of the service in the Americas is over the PS Plus classic game Syphon Filter. Players who claimed the Syphon Filter PSone Classic on PS3 as a PS Plus free game several years ago are having issues and are finding themselves unable to download the new version.

The problems with Syphon Filter PS Plus classic game

Many players grabbed the first three Syphon Filter games as PSone Classics on PS3 when they were offered as monthly games through PS Plus several years ago. Those players should be able to download the new PS4 or PS5 version of the classic game at no extra cost without having to sign up for PS Plus Premium. However, things aren’t going too smoothly with many facing error messages that render both versions of the game unplayable, as reported by ResetEra.

Those attempting to download Syphon Filter through PS Plus Premium are getting issues like an error code “WS-43691-3” that is specific to issues with PS Plus memberships and downloadable games. If those players try to purchase the game, they’re told “You cannot purchase this game right now.” Unfortunately, the original PS3 PSone Classics version is no longer available in those players’ download lists. Even trying to download the game from the PS3/Vita Store page results in failure as the page either refreshes or just does nothing. This means the game can’t be downloaded again, although those who have already got the game installed can launch it without an issue.

None of the usual fixes, such as restarting the console, restoring licenses, or updating the console, are working right now. Sony seems to be aware of the issue but there is no word on a fix right now.

In other news, players can now preload Assassin’s Creed Origins ahead of its free weekend that begins tomorrow. Elsewhere, rumors claim that Sony is making a PS5 Pro controller.

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