Sonos accidentally sent one customer $15,000 worth of audio equipment and charged them for it


There’s nothing quite like the excitement of waiting for a fun package to arrive. If it’s a surprise there’s the anticipation of the unknown, and when it’s a sneaky little self gift then there’s the benefit of knowing the buyer had excellent taste. The sweet anticipation of waiting by the window for the postal van to pull up, and then the exhilarating moment where the package you’ve been waiting for is finally brought to your doorstep.

Perhaps one of the few things to top getting an eagerly awaited package delivered, is of course getting not one but several. Though this can be a worry when you weren’t expecting them. When five boxes suddenly turn into 30 this is the sharp turn of dreams becoming nightmares, as one person discovered when Sonos decided to send them 6x their original order, or about  $15,000 worth of products, and charge them for it.

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