The Convergence mod on the way for Elden Ring


A new The Convergence mod is on the way for Elden Ring.

The Convergence Team – a group of three modders – created a celebrated mod for Dark Souls 3 that significantly altered the main game. It added new character classes, over 100 new spells, new rings, armours and weapons, new factions, and even new NPCs and bosses.

It looks like Elden Ring will be getting the same treatment.

“The stars have aligned, The Convergence is nigh!” said the team in a tweet. “The development has commenced.”

No further details are available at present, but judging by the team’s work on Dark Souls 3, this could be the biggest mod yet for Elden Ring.

You can support the team on its Patreon page.

Elden Ring has certainly stirred up the mod scene. Perhaps the biggest game changer is the seamless co-op mod from LukeYui, or there’s Grimrukh’s survival mode.

Elsewhere there are mods to amend difficulty, summon the legendary Let Me Solo Her, or add Star Wars characters.

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