6 Best Multiplayer Tips In Mario Strikers Battle League


It’s time to team up as we check out 6 of the best multiplayer tips in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Like any of the best Mario multiplayer games, getting online or teaming up with friends is what they’re all about. Sure, the solo player modes are fun, but joining your friends in a battle to the Mushrom Kingdom-themed death… it doesn’t get much better.

If you’re looking to take on players on online mode in Mario Strikers, then these multiplayer tips should help you and a friend to come up with a winning strategy every time.

Get ready to become the most revered named on the circuit; strike while the iron is hot!

(Seriously though, turn your iron off before playing… those things can be dangerous!)

1. Combine Your Strongest Team Players

If you’re teaming up with a friend and taking on players online or other friends around the globe, then you’re going to need to pick your two strongest characters to bring into the fray.

If you’re playing with three other friends, then you’ll each need to pick one player, which is way trickier.

You see, that means you’re potentially going to end up playing as a character that you haven’t used before in gear that you haven’t tried out in a match while manual switching.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to that soon.

Similar to my advice on how to pick the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League, you and your friend/s need to pick players that compliment each other. There’s no point picking four characters that have super speed stats and poor shooting unless that’s a style you’ve previously practiced.

My advice, make sure there are two characters with good speed and strength for tackling, and two characters with shooting and technique for curling the ball in.

2. Give Yourself Specific Roles

Everyone wants to be Lionel Messi, but it’s important to know your roles when on the pitch.

If you’re playing with a friend, don’t both go charging towards the ball at the same time. If there are four of you playing on the same team, keep communication going and try actively cover specific areas on the pitch.

Sometimes it pays to hold back in defence for when the ball comes hurtling back down the pitch.

That doesn’t mean that Bowser at the back can’t nip forward for a bash at the goal though; look how many times Chiellini and Bonnuci have scored over the years!

3. Get Used To Manual Switching

Best  Multiplayer Tips In Mario Strikers Battle League - Mario shooting into the goal

This is more for games with less than 4 players. Manual switching requires players to press the L button or ZL button to manually change players when passing the ball. You can also change players to pick a different character nearer to the ball if you want a shot at goal.

This can be pretty problematic and hectic, with the only indicator as to who you are controlling left to the number above the players head.

So, as well as looking for the ball amongst the bob-ombs and trying not to get tackled, you’re also looking out for your number and then quickly working out which shot you can pull off.

It takes a little getting used to, so don’t expect to win your first few online matches. Still, after a little practice, you’ll be be beating strangers the world over in no time.

4. Pass, Dodge, Pass

Don’t be a glory hog. Time after time my mate Nathan and I have both got it into our heads that we can go for goal on our own, and time after time we’ve been tackled by Senior Garlic-breath as he ‘Wario’s’ his way towards the goal.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t pull off a perfect pass; try to get into space to make clever passes to your teammates. Pass, wait to dodge a tackle to open up space, and pass again, getting the ball further up the field and into a space where you can charge a shot.

Note – If you’ve got great shooting skills, then you don’t need to wait until the perfect shot is completely charged. Hold out for as long as you can, but don’t leave it too late and risk the opposition tackling you

5. Make Space For Your Teammate To Hyper Strike

This is where items come in. If your team has passed through an orb and have a chance to do a hyper strike, then one of you needs to clear the room, so to speak, so that the other player has room to pull off the strike.

Bob-ombs are best for this; move ahead and stun the opposition so that your teammate can run into the centre, giving them time to hit those power bar sweet-spots without worrying about a slap from DK.

6. Look Out For Tackles

Best  Multiplayer Tips In Mario Strikers Battle League - tackles

Tackles aren’t just the bane of the hyper stiker; they can also be sneaky ways of intercepting passes that you make to your friends.

Watch out for the charged tackle arrows; they’re great indicators that you need to get dodging, especially when you have the ball.

Still, sometimes bigger brutes like Bowser and DK can just slap you out of the way without any warning, so try not to get too close to them.

When you or your friend does pull off a hyper strike, it’s a good idea to act as a guard for them, bashing back other players that might want to try and take them down,

It’s all about teamwork… and mass tackling of characters without the ball. Cue the insane item-throwing fest at kick off!

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