Elden Ring player defeats Margit with… a harp


In perhaps the most impressive Elden Ring controller news to date, a harpist has hooked up her instrument to play FromSoftware’s epic.

It’s a project that began back in April when Anna Ellsworth posted a YouTube video explaining the process of turning her harp into a controller.

Since then, she’s beaten the dreaded Dark Souls pair Ornstein and Smough and has now turned to Elden Ring, most recently defeating Margit the Fell Omen.

In a reddit post, spotted by PC Gamer, Ellsworth gave details on how the harp controller works.

“A for dodge and G for light attack! To my great sadness, I don’t have a heavy attack string because I needed that real estate for other actions. Maybe the other notes you were hearing were either move forward (C), move backward (F), stop (low G), or heal (low A),” she wrote.

One limitation is that she can only roll in the direction she’s already moving in.

“As for adjusting to lag, yeah, it took some time but isn’t too bad anymore,” she said.

It means Ellsworth is literally making music through gameplay. Let’s watch:

Ellsworth is a professional harpist and vocalist, and was part of the The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour. She’s even done covers of the Elden Ring soundtrack.

Elsewhere players have controlled Elden Ring with a Fisher Price toy and a banana. No, really.

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