Marvel’s next Midnight Sons comic looks a bit more like the Midnight Suns videogame


Midnight Suns is a tactics-RPG being developed by XCOM studio Firaxis (who have called it “the complete opposite” of XCOM 2, I should note), which stars various Marvel superheroes alongside a player-made character called the Hunter. It was inspired by on-again off-again Marvel comic Midnight Sons, which began as a crossover of occult-themed superheroes. Some of the old lineup feature in the videogame, like Doctor Strange, Blade, and Ghost Rider, though the Firaxis version adds new blood and characters likely to be recognized by fans of the movies. 

Marvel has announced the comic book will return this year (opens in new tab), renamed Midnight Suns like the game and with a lineup that includes a few characters added to the digital version’s roster: Wolverine, Magik from The New Mutants, and Nico Minoru from Runaways. It’ll also share Blade and an incarnation of Ghost Rider (the old Midnight Sons books had like three different Ghost Riders over the years, the current one is an Apache woman from the 19th century called Kushala), and add Zoe Laveau, a student of Doctor Strange from the series Strange Academy.

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