Cuphead dev focused on keeping employees happy, rather than worry about delays


Anyone who plays games always dreads the day their most anticipated title gets delayed a few months down the line, or into next year. It’s hard not to feel frustrated when a game gets bumped down the road, but there’s one important thing to remember. There are real-life people working their butts off behind the scenes to get these games done.

Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course expansion is seeing release on June 30th, 2022, but many were expecting the DLC to launch quite some time ago. It’s indeed true the DLC saw multiple delays, but in an interview with IGN, Studio MDHR’s Maja Moldenhauer said the thing that mattered to her most was the mental health of her staff.

“The number one thing, especially through COVID was keeping everybody happy. This is video games. Take your time. Mental health needed to be at the forefront, taking the space and time that you needed, especially over the last two years. We’re like, ‘If it takes longer for the game to come out, it takes longer. Who cares?’

[Maja Moldenhauer]

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