Dataminer discovers 2 major Elden Ring bosses may have once had their own questlines


Souls series dataminer Sekiro Dubi has released two videos detailing unused Elden Ring quests related to some late-game bosses: Vyke (opens in new tab), Knight of the Roundtable, and Mohg (opens in new tab), the Lord of Blood.

In the finished game, Vyke shows up as an NPC invader in Liurnia, as well as an Evergaol boss in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Vyke was a Tarnished like the player character, and one who almost made it to becoming Elden Lord. He’s implied to have had a close relationship with the game’s ancient dragons—he uses dragon incantations and one of their item descriptions singles him out as being “loved the most” by the dragon Lansseax. Vyke rejected the inevitable death of his Finger Maiden, and sought out the Frenzied Flame and Three Fingers, scorching his armor and leading to his imprisonment in the Evergaol.

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